Tourism Authority Of Thailand Valentine’s Day Failure

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has completely failed marketing Valentine’s Day to locals and foreigners alike.

According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand News website, there were a handful of special events scheduled for the 14th of February, but, it looks like hardly anyone knew about them.

How else does one explain the piss-poor turnouts other than the Tourism Authority of Thailand has failed once again!

The underwater wedding ceremony in Trang is in its 19th year and used to be a huge event with hundreds of couples getting married while wearing SCUBA gear. This year, 7 couples of which 3 couples were foreigners, got married in Trang.

One of the other lover’s locations for Valentine’s Day that the Tourism Authority of Thailand was supposed to promote was in Udon Thani, northeastern Thailand at a lake that has millions of lotus blossoms – a sea of red.

Well, the Tourism Authority of Thailand failed here too as only 19 foreign and Thai couples tied the knot to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Other events that have not yet been reported on include:

  • ‘Promise of Love’ in Suphan Buri (1-28 February)
  • ‘Pai Ruk Sut Khop Fa’ – Love on the Horizon (14-15 February)
  • Love Festival at Srinakarin Dam (13-14 February)
  • Elephant-back Wedding Ceremony in Surin (13-14 February)

My guess is that these events failed also since the Tourism Authority of Thailand hasn’t bragged about how wonderful the events were.

See, this just show how stupid the Tourism Authority of Thailand is. TAT had a perfect opportunity this year since Chinese New Year falls on the 19th of February.

How hard would it have been to promote Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year as a package?  You know. Come for the love and stay for the New Year kind of promotion.

But, I guess that was beyond the grasp of the marketing geniuses at the Tourism Authority of Thailand.


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