Songkran Thai Government Road Death Toll

Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results but I guess that the Thai Government hasn’t learned that doing the same things that don’t work to prevent road deaths every Songkran is also insane.

The Thai Government comes out every year at Songkran with a “Zero Accident” campaign complete with music and last year with dancing female Thai Police Officers, establishes checkpoints in the same areas, hands out 10’s of thousands of tickets for speeding, drunk driving, no helmet while riding a motorcycle, no driver’s license or registration, and reckless driving and nothing ever changes.

Songkran Thai Government Road Death Toll

Songkran Thai Government Road Death Toll

This year’s Songkran is more of the same with way too many road deaths reported – highly under-reported – yet the Thai Government never does anything to prevent the accidents.

The Thai Government talked about banning alcohol during Songkran but it didn’t get approved.  They talked about banning the sale of alcohol from sidewalk vendors – no approval. Should just get rid of the sidewalk vendors as they are all illegal.  Talked about not throwing water from the back of pick-up trucks – no approval – though this is strongly recommended.

Banned high-powered water guns and the use of talcum powder – both of which will never be enforced.

Established Alcohol Free Zones but didn’t tell anyone where they are.  And, if they are “Alcohol Free”, I would be my paycheck that I would be able to buy beer or whiskey – no problem.

So, after two days of counting bodies on the roads, the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department announced that the Songkran road toll rises to 101.  That would be 39 on the first day and 62 on the second.  Numbers are grossly under-reported as the World Health Organization shows statistics that approximately 71 die on the roads daily throughout the year.

Still it is way too many.

A total of 62 people were killed and 496 injured in 465 road accidents nationwide on Friday, the second of Songkran’s “seven dangerous days” (April 11-17), the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department reported on Saturday.

Remember, the DPMD only counts you as a statistic if you are dead at the scene.  So, if you were taken to a hospital and died the next day or next week, you don’t count.

The combined accidents over the first two days of the “dangerous week” were up to 791, with 101 deaths and 838 injuries, according to the department.

Let’s compare the first two days of Songkran 2012 with 2013:

Accidents Injuries Deaths
Day 1 343 375 30
Day 2 481 515 58
Total 824 890 88
Day 1 465 496 39
Day 2 326 342 62
Total 791 838 101

So, with the Thai Government doing the same old shit this year, after two days of Songkran, we have a 15% increase of deaths on the roads.

Looking at the bogus 2012 numbers, the number of Songkran road deaths was roughly 10% of the number of accidents.  This was true every day.  This year, the stats are looking even more fake than usual.  How do you have 139 fewer accidents but 23 more deaths?

The main causes of the accidents were drink-driving and speeding. Motorcycles and pickup trucks were involved in the largest number of accidents.

Nothing new here at all.  Same statistics as every year – but – it would be better if they broke it down.  Motorcycles usually are involved in about 80% of the accidents/deaths while pick-up trucks are about 15%.  Most likely those in accidents and road deaths were males of working age on motorcycles.

So, another Songkran has begun and the carnage will be about the same or worse than last year.

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