Khon Kaen Natural Tropical Scents & Beauty

Since coming over to the island of Khon Kaen I have been enjoying my retirement very much. With all my free time I have many new and interesting hobbies. One thing that I did notice after living in Khon Kaen are the exquisite plants and the oils and scents that can be captured from the natural surroundings.

A business owner from the United Kingdom was over sources ingredients for his hand made soap company called Sabai Soaps. So when it comes to their story about sourcing their ingredients in a cruelty free and ethical sustainable method then they couldn’t be more truthful. I can say this from living on the island and seeing what goes on over the years.


2 thoughts on “Khon Kaen Natural Tropical Scents & Beauty

  1. That is my old town. I have to wok till 25 years to be able to retire and go back to live there again. 🙂

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